In Memory Of ...

Dedicated to the members of the Class of 1957 who
 remain forever absent from this world, but forever present in our memories.

A beautiful slide show tribute to our deceased classmates has been prepared by Dave Cantrell.  This slide show can be viewed on the YouTube server.  Two other slide shows of interest to classmates, "One Moment In Time" and "PHS Mothers," are available on YouTube.  Check them out also.  Several other slide shows of interest are available only on the Photodex server.

YouTube Instructions:  The Memory Show is played in two parts.  It can be accessed by both a PC and a Mac.  Please follow the instructions below.  The Memory Show will only be maintained on the YouTube server.

Instructions To View The Slide Show On YouTube
Click on this link:
2 On the right side of the YouTube window, links are provided to Part I and Part II of the Memory Show.  Click on these links to view the Memory Show.
3 Links are also provided to two additional slide shows: "One Moment In Time" and "PHS Mothers."
4 To return to the PHS website, use your browser "Back Button."

Photodex Instructions:    Dave has several other slide shows of interest to classmates only on the Photodex server.    Slide shows unique to Photodex are: "50th Reunion," "2007," and "The PHS Guys."  Only PCs are able to access these shows; no Mac access is possible.  Please follow the instructions below.

Instructions To View Other Slide Show On Photodex
Click on this Slide Show Link to go to the Photodex server (where the slide shows are stored).  You will see "thumbnails" of all the slide shows that Dave has uploaded to Photodex.
Click on any of the displayed icons to begin the playback process.
If you are asked to download the Photodex "plug-in" for your browser, click on the icon to begin the download.  This is an executable file (pxsetup.exe) which you will have to "run" or "execute" to install the Presenter utility on your computer.
The slide show will begin "buffering" data on your computer.  When this completes, you will see a new window with the slide show "thumbnail" shown once again.  This is like a DVD "main menu," so clicking on this thumbnail will start the slide show.
Right-click in the slide show area to control the show as desired (pause, stop, full screen, etc.).  Or you can put your cursor at the bottom of the slide show screen to cause a "control bar" to appear to control the playback (pause, volume, etc.).
To return to the PHS website, use your browser "Back Button."