November 24, 2023 Update.
  We sent an e-mail announcing plans for a Wednesday, March 13, 2024 reunion in Pasadena.  We are hopeful that suitable arrangements can be made at the Hilton Hotel.  Planned activities:

September 27, 2023 Update.   We are planning for a March 13, 2024 "65th" reunion.  Candidate hotels in Pasadena are being contacted for prices and availablilty.  We prefer that the candidate hotel provides both lodging and banquet facilities for overall convenience to attendees.  Hopefully we will be able to provide finalized details in the near future to assist in your planning.

August 9, 2023
We are sorry to report that despite our best efforts, we were not able to make suitable arrangements for a "65th" reunion this year.  Our first choice, the Hilton Hotel, did not have any dates in the September-October time frame.  We did not want to push into the holiday season of November and December.  We are now considering a reunion early next year in the February-March time frame.

Thank you to all who replied to our earlier emails.

Since there is positive interest in an another reunion, we will make a diligent effort to secure arrangements early (rather than later) next year.

June 21, 2023 Update.
As of this date, we have received 75 responses to the 255 e-mails received by classmates: 30 planning to attend; 23 considerng attending; 22 not attending.  We are having some difficulty with arranging the venues for the hotel headquarters and the reunion dinner.  Our first choice was once again to use the Hilton Hotel.  However, dates appear to be at a premium for what we planned.  So we are contacting the Sheraton Hotel to check availability there.  There is no banquet room there, so we plan to investigate using the University Club once again.  The September 12-14 dates will have to shift into October to give classmates adequate time for their plans. 

We will hold off sending postal mail
reunion announcements to the 156 classmates for whom we do not have e-mail addresses until plans are completed.  Hopefully this will add to the number of classmates able to attend the reunion.

May 11, 2023 Update.
As of this date, we have received 73 responses to the 255 e-mails received by classmates:  28 planning to attend; 23 considerng attending; 22 not attending.  We are now planning for a September 12-14, 2023 "65th" class reunion.  We will be sending by postal mail a reunion announcement to the 156 classmates for whom we do not have e-mail addresses.

April 18, 2023 Update.
  E-mails (268 total) were sent to classmates for whom we have e-mail addresses with information about a possible "65th" class reunion later this year and requesting a response as to level of interest: 1)  Will attend; 2)  Considering attending; and 3) Will not be able to attend.  Results of this poll will be posted on our class website.

As of this date, we have received 69 responses:  26 planning to attend; 22 considerng attending; 19 not attending; 2 didn't provide an answer.  There seems to be sufficient interest at this early date that we are beginning planning for a September 12-14, 2023 "65th" class reunion.  Stay tuned for further details.

The following e-mails bounced with this mailing:
Sharon Alpert, Franklin Brutzman, George Gray, Patricia Harper, Margaret Harris, David Hartwell, Georgia Henninger, Michael Hurley, Stan Ljosdal, Joe Martin, and Jim Powell.

The easiest and least expensive way to contact our classmates is through e-mail.  Any clasmate who can access our website is on the Internet.  Please, if you are one of these, and have chenged your e-mail address in recent years, update your information profile using the link

January 3, 2023 Update.
  Due to unexpected events, no planning for a 65th reunion in 2022 took place.  Some classmates have expressed interest in still holding a "65th" reunion this year, possibly in the April to October timeframe.  An e-mail will be sent soon to determine possible interest.
  For your information, 69 classmates along with 28 spouses, significant others, and guests attended the 60th reunion.  A very good time was had by the 97 attendees.

If you know the where-abouts of any of our "lost" classmates, please take the time to provide us the information.  Our goal is have up-to-date status for all 847 classmates in our database!